As a crucial member of our project, we would like you to contribute to the following tasks:

  • Provide your insights on our mission, vision, and goals to ensure they resonate with the educational values you hold dear. 
  • Collaborate with us to assess and identify the strengths, weaknesses, and needs within our current framework. 
  • Contribute to the development of an evaluation system ensuring a fair and comprehensive assessment process despite the accessibility of the Internet. 
  • Help us extend our reach by introducing the project to fellow teachers, school directors, students, and parents. 
  • If connected with local NGOs, we encourage you to introduce our project to them. Your support in bringing NGOs on board will amplify our global impact and extend Knowverse’s network. 


As a valued Ambassador of Knowverse, we would be grateful if you could contribute to the following key tasks:

  • Share our mission, vision and core values within your networks to help disseminate our goals of democratizing education globally. Your role in communicating our ethos is invaluable.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with aligned organizations in your region – educational institutions, non-profits, tech startups etc. Facilitating partnerships will amplify our impact.
  • Provide feedback on the user experience and any ideas on how we can refine our platform and content to better meet local needs and contexts. Your on-the-ground insights are invaluable.
  • Help drive user acquisition by demonstrating the platform to students and educators, and supporting them in getting set up. Growing our user base will allow us to advance our mission.
  • Share updates and success stories from your local community through your social media networks. Putting faces and stories to our mission helps inspire others.
  • Celebrate achievements, no matter how small. Highlighting successes keeps our community motivated and engaged.


As a valued NGO partner of Knowverse, we would greatly appreciate your support in the following areas:

  • Share our mission of democratizing education globally with your networks. Your role in communicating our ethos and values to your community is invaluable.
  • Identify schools and educators who could benefit from our platform and content. Facilitating local partnerships amplifies our impact and reach.
  • Provide input on how we can best meet local educational needs and contexts. Your on-the-ground insights help us refine our offerings.
  • Share educational materials from our platform with schools lacking digital access. Bridging the digital divide accelerates equality.
  • Celebrate student and educator successes facilitated through our platform. These stories inspire others about the potential of open education.
  • Advocate for governmental support and funding for open education initiatives aligned with sustainable development goals. This expands the movement.


As a valued Knowverse volunteer, we deeply appreciate any support you can provide in the following areas:

  • Technical/development volunteers: Assist with platform testing, bug identification, coding, and optimizing system performance. Your skills strengthen our product.
  • Marketing volunteers: Help build brand awareness through social media, write blog content, manage communications, and execute online campaigns. You amplify our voice.
  • Business/strategy volunteers: Provide insights on market conditions, strategic partnerships, revenue streams, and drafting business plans. You help ensure sustainability.
  • Community volunteers: Moderate online groups, facilitate meetups, provide user support, develop localized content, and drive local adoption. You are our bridges to on-the-ground impact.
  • Education volunteers: Develop educational materials, lesson plans, quiz questions, and assessments tailored to local contexts. Your specialized skills empower educators on our platform.
  • Creative volunteers: Design visual assets, illustrations, animations, and interactive content that bring our platform to life and optimize the learning experience. Your talents set us apart.


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