As a valued Knowverse volunteer, we deeply appreciate any support you can provide in the following areas:

  • Technical/development volunteers: Assist with platform testing, bug identification, coding, and optimizing system performance. Your skills strengthen our product.
  • Marketing volunteers: Help build brand awareness through social media, write blog content, manage communications, and execute online campaigns. You amplify our voice.
  • Business/strategy volunteers: Provide insights on market conditions, strategic partnerships, revenue streams, and drafting business plans. You help ensure sustainability.
  • Community volunteers: Moderate online groups, facilitate meetups, provide user support, develop localized content, and drive local adoption. You are our bridges to on-the-ground impact.
  • Education volunteers: Develop educational materials, lesson plans, quiz questions, and assessments tailored to local contexts. Your specialized skills empower educators on our platform.
  • Creative volunteers: Design visual assets, illustrations, animations, and interactive content that bring our platform to life and optimize the learning experience. Your talents set us apart.

We Need You

We believe that your dedication to education and your expertise make you an ideal fit for Knowverse.

Joining us in this endeavor will not only contribute to the positive transformation of education on local and global levels but also provide you with a fulfilling and impactful experience. 

We offer a supportive community to let you shine bright and find your inner strength on your way of teaching or volunteering.

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