As a valued NGO partner of Knowverse, we would greatly appreciate your support in the following areas:

  • Share our mission of democratizing education globally with your networks. Your role in communicating our ethos and values to your community is invaluable.
  • Identify schools and educators who could benefit from our platform and content. Facilitating local partnerships amplifies our impact and reach.
  • Provide input on how we can best meet local educational needs and contexts. Your on-the-ground insights help us refine our offerings.
  • Share educational materials from our platform with schools lacking digital access. Bridging the digital divide accelerates equality.
  • Celebrate student and educator successes facilitated through our platform. These stories inspire others about the potential of open education.
  • Advocate for governmental support and funding for open education initiatives aligned with sustainable development goals. This expands the movement.

We Need You

We believe that your dedication to education and your expertise make you an ideal fit for Knowverse.

Joining us in this endeavor will not only contribute to the positive transformation of education on local and global levels but also provide you with a fulfilling and impactful experience. 

We offer a supportive community to let you shine bright and find your inner strength on your way of teaching or volunteering.

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